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The Republic of Abkhazia has unique natural and climatic conditions, great economic potential and opportunities for everyone who is interested in implementing investment projects in the field of tourism, innovative technologies, agriculture, manufacturing, construction and other industries.

In 2008 the Russian Federation recognized the independence of the Republic of Abkhazia, and over a 15-year period relations between the two countries have been developing dynamically. Russia guarantees the security and independence of Abkhazia.

Many Russian and foreign businessmen need support to successfully develop their business in Abkhazia. These are not only consultations, but also connections, reputation, investment security.

The company «Ryazantsev Consulting» is the organization that will help you safely conduct and develop your business in Abkhazia. Our experience will help to effectively implement any of your ideas and achieve the desired result.

By contacting company of «Ryazantsev Consulting», you will receive professional advice, properly executed documents, protection of your investments and establish long-term business contacts with the business community of the Republic.

I invite you to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. I am sure that the Republic of Abkhazia will expand the horizons of your business.


Roman Ryazantsev, Founder and Chief Executive Officer «Ryazantsev Consulting» LLC